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  1. You have a new camera?! What did you get? Scuse me being nosey….but hoping to get a decent camera some time this year, as long as my finances hold up. Been posting on Flickr with my cannon sure shot pictures (cheapy, but nice little camera) and also my Samsung S4 mini phone, which takes impressive pictures for such a small phone. But want to get something with class…eventually. Got my eye on a Sony that’s not a crazy price, very reasonable price. But not fully decided yet. I’m interested to know what others have got and what they are most happy with. 🙂

    • I have a Nikon D7200, the next logical step from my old D80… Wanna buy a D80? 😀

      • Ah, I see! Everyone seems to go for Nikon. I so wanted a Nikon back in the 80’s, but had little money to afford one, I could only afford a Praktica BC1. All brand new, wasn’t too bad for a first SLR, taught me a lot about photography. I still have it, but it needs a repair through lack of use – looks new, like I bought it this morning! It’s in my retro camera museum now! 😉 I have my eye on a Sony A6000, there are lot of top photographers giving it some great reviews and also other favourable reviews too. I’ve not seen any bad reviews on it – yet. Compared to most Sony cameras it’s at least half the price, and a lot lighter and compact than a lot of DSLR’s (hate heavy cameras) it’s also mirrorless which I prefer.

        Just watched some videos on the Nikon D7200, it sounds good, a lot of mentions about it coping well in low light conditions, and not a bad price too. Are you pleased with it?

      • So far so good, still have a wealth of things to try, wireless for example. Just looking for an empty weekend.. Check out Fujifilm as well, they seem to ndo some good cameras.

      • Oh yes Fuji, I used to love their film in the old days of fiddly rolls of film, never used anything else. Thanks for that, I’ll check them out! 🙂

      • If I was to carry around something compact I would give them a look..

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