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And say hi to my new camera 🙂


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  1. Beautiful. And hi to your new camera. 🙂

  2. a beauty of a capture…how are you enjoying your new camera?

    • It is rather awesome. The only processing on my latest post was image size reduction

      • that is great…it is what I strive for when I use my camera as well. Now the iPhone is different always requires some adjustment.

      • I fidn my samsung either takes a good shot or a really bad one, nothing much can be done with either

      • well that is true with the iPhone in that it generally takes a bad photo at night or in a room with low light…can’t be helped…these photos are generally bad in color, which is annoying. Otherwise it takes a good photo that may or may not require some minor adjustment…

      • Never tried one, but I have seen enough results to be impressed..

      • yes, I was only disappointed with the photos at night 😦 ..that is why I didn’t take my cameras…too heavy to be carrying around as Key West is always a walking holiday!

      • Bet you wished you had them at times though 😀

      • yes, I have to admit…there were times I was sorry I didn’t bring the point and shoot as it is much lighter/smaller than the Nikon. It would have taken great photos at night…I have many photos of family from dinners but the coloring is terrible. I did some in b & w but kept the rest cause they were great photos!!!

      • My latest will turn very high iso’s into b/w automatically, not sure if that is good or bad, and need to try it out too.

      • really, what brand is your new camera?

      • I stuck with Nikon, better the devil you know..

      • yes, I suppose you are right! I’m having issues, wasn’t sure if it was the camera or the lens. Changed back to my original lens and it seems to have eliminated the issues. So guess a new lens is in order. Eventually… 😉

      • Can’t beat good glass 🙂

      • I wasn’t completely satisfied with that particular lens so not sure what to purchase. it is a 55/200…I generally look to Ken Rockwell’s reviews for help with these things but this was his recommendation and I wasn’t completely happy…I guess more research is in order?!? …or maybe it is the person behind the camera not the lens…

      • I use a tamron 18-200 and it does me well enough. It stops a fair bit of light (f3.5-6.3) so its not so great without a tripod when the lights failing. But a good lens at a reasonable price

      • thanks for the info, I’ll have to take a look at this one!

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