Two up..

.. Spitfire. Hang on to your hat buddy 😀

dub spit


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  1. Where is all these great pictures taken?

    • Every year there is a big rememberance of the 1931 Earthquake in Napier (over 250 died), there are old cars, old planes, lots of people dress up, the main theme is Art Deco, because after the quake, the flatened buildings were rebuilt in the popular (at that time) Art Deco style. These were taken at the airport, a pleasant part of an afternoon was spent there. Sadly the DC3 was absent 😦

  2. Listening to your clip of Mustang Sally as I browse your blog. Hope the young guy who played the lead singer is still working in the music industry. He made the film what it is.

  3. Very smart, and I’m amazed these old flying machines still exist! I shall have to give my brother a link to this, he’s very into old planes, he’d enjoy it! 🙂

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