.. A cool cat I saw whilst wandering..



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  1. You have the prettiest kitties in your neighbourhood. This one must be a model I’m sure! 🙂

  2. Cool? I can’t help but find fluffy white kitties kind of creepy. Maybe I watched James Bond at too young an age…

  3. What a fine feline! Absolutely enchanting. Wonderful snap.

    A few weekends ago, I came across a similar snowy-white, ocean-eyed beauty. My father, Sir, and I were out for a stroll when I nearly somersaulted over the cat as she sprang from the brambles. After the near collision, the pale mouse-lover proceeded to croon and even began to roll in the grass, a bit. Naturally, Sir hobbled on as I sank to the ground and took 19 years to snap 3-4 photographs of the cat. Meanwhile, an odious and obnoxious, I mean, er, sweet and adorable, little girl popped out of the ether to pester Sir about why his “son with the spikey hair” was taking so long to photograph her cat…It was when the mother came barreling out that I decided it was a good idea to skedaddle. The cat looked most disappointed…


    Autumn Jade Toad

  4. That cat is checking you out with those startling blue eyes. Nice shot

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