.. But beautiful.. I have renewed my use of my trusty SLR and feel better for it. No HDR for a while, some lowlife broke into my car and stole my tripod, along with my favourite jumper, a bunch of CD’s and my Hi-Viz jacket. I can only wish that the fleas of a thousand camels infest his or her posterior for the rest of eternity..



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  1. I’m so sorry that happened to you. How long has the camera been with you ?

  2. Beautiful picture. Sorry about the theft, I’d be glad to put at your disposal my tripod and my whole Led Zep and Tool discography if this can help 😉 Good luck, HC

    • The silver lining was that my favourite CD from “How the West was Won” happened to be in the CD player so remained. I am sure that if i slip Father Christmas a few bucks then I will get another tripod soon enough. I sincerely thank you for your kindness, just goes to show that there are still humans in this world.

  3. I’m sure those fleas will! Miserable people, and miserable for you too. I wouldn’t have noticed the difference in the camera.

  4. Sorry to hear of your loss and holding thumbs your wish will come true.

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