A mission..

..of demolition



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  1. You made what’s left of it something beautiful. It is a wonderful abstract composition with an uplifting balance of colour and movement. x

    • It shouts defiance to me, a single uplifted finger to the destroyer beneath, thank you for your kind words

      • It’s a brilliant presentation, as usual, but something about it made me want to look up and take a deep breath. x

      • The sun still shines straight down upon it, which is a bit of hope, yet we view it from behind a fence.. Destruction at a distance or are we just protected from it?

      • Destruction happens all around us but we are not aware because we are shielded from it. Some people thank the luck of the draw, if they are far enough away to simply observe.

      • And from the destruction, something new shall arise, for better or worse, change, renewal, and that will be ignored or observed too. Its a cycle I guess

      • Fantastic insight, as always. I want to believe that sometimes destruction will leave open hope for a brighter tomorrow. x

      • The question is structure or chaos, the brighter tomorrow depends on structure, the brighter two years time may depend more on chaos, but the could be the pessimist in me speaking

      • I think you’re right on target. I enjoy trying to balance the two concepts once I get over the initial fear of upheaval. You’re a pragmatist. It can mimic the symptoms of pessimism but I think you are doing all right.

      • Change is not good or bad. It just is, and yes, i am really a damaged optimist, not a true cynic

      • Wear and tear does that. But your art shows who you truly are. A person who appreciates beauty and is able to see the best in every situation. x

      • True, beauty is well worth seeing and I do like looking at it. When I look at this building I remember it whole, I know its original purpose, I have even experienced first hand some of the joys and pains that would have happened there (in similar places) these are life and death itself. Yet I cannot put that in a photograph. Or elegantly into words. So does art fail me or do I fail art? The latter I suspect.

      • To answer the question, I think that our visions are always translated, even if not accompanied by words. It’s good when a photograph can start a conversation on the meaning of life and the importance of seeing beauty.

      • And this has been a very good conversation. But is what I do truly art or just imitation? Either way, time to sleep, perchance to dream. Have a good one 🙂

      • It is art and you know it. Sweet dreams. x

  2. It seems a bit lonely there?
    What’s going to be built instead?

  3. Tragic, but strangely artistic. Weird though, when you think those used to be comfy homes – or maybe a company? I like the position of the cloud and the sun, draws the eye upward, striking picture! 🙂

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