.. a little abstract, a moment when I saw a bunch of photos that I took for work purposes and decided they could look a bit more interesting, the result, I will call “The Devils Kitchen”, unless anyone can think of anything better?

The Devils Kitchen


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  1. “Blurred Epiphany”
    The longer I stare at this, the more I see. There is a nice transition of colors: from cool, to mixed, to warm.

    • Interestingly, they way I processed this means, in my experience, that the result is one part intuition, two parts experience and the rest is just random chaos, which is as close as i will ever get to art..

      • You can’t distance yourself from art; it’s all around you, even when you don’t realize it. Think you’re far from creating it? Think again. For one: true art can’t be easily defined, which is why it’s in the eye of the beholder. Many artists who are considered great today, were ridiculed in their time, and may be once more in the future. Subjectivity is key.
        Also, it’s never just random chaos; as you mentioned, you played a role in shaping this.

      • Yet what I say is true, however the decision to post it implies that I think it is art, that is when my mostly (but shaped) random chaos becomes something that I hope people will appreciate, which happens to be the case. So I must agree with you and take responsibility for what i have created

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