Looking down the wire

I will surely see

A complete loss of desire

And only barbs for me

Really liking this song ATM  🙂



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  1. Sweet song! Love the photo too.

  2. awesome photo and super song… 🙂

  3. The Story: I woke in the middle of the night and on my phone, saw the photo, which I love for th
    e reasons that you do … the bokeh and soft colors. And also for the wire. Rust and wire, especially in a fenceline, make for great subjects. Then I read through the comment thread between you and Manonlesko. I enjoyed the music you linked to in your post (thank you for the intro). Even better, I am a long time Led Zeppelin fan AND a Rush fan AND a Tolkein fan AND I named my post yesterday Misty Mountain Hop and I knew I’d have to wait to get to my laptop to comment.
    I listened to every link (LOVE Going to California).
    Aren’t you glad I’m ending this comment now 🙂

    • Zep. Rush, Floyd, but i always come back to early Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Hawkwind..

      Just a taste of each 🙂
      And of course, Tolkein, what can I say? The master of what he did..

  4. Spiky picture! I haven’t heard this song before…

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